Rollback Wave SDK 5.01 to 4.5 for Vive Focus 3

Hi, I posted this on the HTC vive forums, but want to share the same question here in case someone has encountered this issue. I am using a Vive Focus 3 and the CloudXR platform. It looks like my up-to-date Vive Focus 3 (Wave SDK 5.01) might be causing an issue with the provided sample application (appears to rely on Wave SDK 4.5). I did see there is a way to manage updates on some level by enrolling the device into a MDM system. It’s not clear whether or not this will let me rollback the firmware once installed. I tried a factory reset, but it keeps the device on Wave SDK 5.0.1. So my CloudXR app crashes immediately after launch. Please let me know if there are some troubleshooting steps I can take.