Root access method

Hi, I’ve been doing something stupid so I’m trying to get some help.

  • JetPack 4.2.1 Use

It was being used without setting the password for the root account.

Permission errors kept popping up while running the program, so I entered the sudo permission deletion command without thinking.

$ gpasswd -d myID sudo

The project in progress is running with sudo, so the project cannot proceed because there is no sudo privilege.

There is a license issued on the SD card, so it should not be initialized.


  1. Do not set sudo initial password
  2. Delete one account from the sudo group
  3. Unable to initialize SD card

How can I access root in this situation?

Or I need advice if there is another way.

thank you for reading


I don’t think there’s any other way you can recover from it except re-flashing.
What do you mean with

There is a license issued on the SD card, so it should not be initialized.


I received and installed Concurrent’s NightStar license, but since the license is for one user, re-flashing is complicated. (Need to ask Concurrent’s NightStar)

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Just a note: Any time a Jetson is flashed on a Windows style partition format it will fail to work with sudo due to needing SUID root; this in turn is something that a Windows format does not understand (Windows partitions lose most of the finer permissions system of Linux). If it turns out sudo were to fail after a flash, then it probably means the system the source of the rootfs is from, or copied to, lacks ext4 (which understands SUID).

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