Root motion for characters in Sequencer?

How to make a walking loop to walk forwads? - #14 by RonanDB describes a problem with an animation clip being played in a loop. (Not sure whether this belongs in Sequencer or Mechanim channel, but the other post was here.)

This problem is called Root Motion in Unity and Unreal Engine. At the end of a walk loop, the character should not return to the start position if you loop an animation clip in the Sequencer… You want the ability to chain a few clips with root motion together - e.g. walk a few cycles, then have a walk-to-run clip once, then run a few cycles.

Is there any support for root motion in Omniverse? I could not find it. If I had a list of related requests for the Sequencer (such as blending between clips) where should I ask them?

Hey Alan. Sorry. This one slipped through the cracks. I moved this one to Machinima since that’s the main app that uses the Sequencer extension.

Hi @alan.james.kent. I heard back from the dev team and you can achieve root motion with Animation Graph, but it is not supported in Sequencer.

Thanks! I was afraid that was the case. Thanks for confirming!

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