Root permission to run MMAPI?


Do all the MMAPI need root or admin permission to run?

I tried to run the sample under normal user without admin permmision. I got these errors:

Error: Can’t initialize nvrm channel
Error: Can’t initialize nvrm channel
Couldn’t create ddkvic Session: Cannot allocate memory
nvbuf_utils: Could not create Default NvBufferSession


Most GPU access can be had via being a member of group “video”. Is this user a member of video? See:
grep 'video' /etc/group

If your user is not a member of “video”, and if your user name is “nvidia”, then this would add to group video:
sudo usermod -aG video nvidia

If your user is already a member of that group, then there might be a root requirement (don’t know).

Thanks linuxdev,

My user is accually a member of “video”, but it still got these errors.
These errors seemed to relate to nvbuf_utils and VIC access.

I don’t know what the requirements are for nvbuf_utils or VIC. Someone from NVIDIA would need to comment on why these would require root. So far as I know nvbuf_utils is just a user space library, and permission issues would be tied to the application linking to this. I don’t know anything about VIC though.

For running the samples in


You would need root permission. But if you copy it to your home directory:

$ cp -r /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/ ./

You should be able to run the samples with the created account.