Rootfs A/B not decreasing boot attempt counters

I’m testing the rootfs_ab functionality on Orin NX and I’m encountering an issue where if I induce a kernel panic in the A slot (renaming the /lib directory) the same boot chain keeps being chosen while not decrementing the counter

If I mark the A slot as unbootable in the Boot menu it correctly switches to the B slot but if I don’t it keeps rebooting well past the 3 attempts it’s supposed to perform

Is this a known bug or is something misconfigured in my setup?

I also was not able to find which command to use to mark a slot as bootable or unbootable from the OS (I don’t mean set-active-boot-slot )

Is there any way to set that from the operating system?

It’s a known issue:

The command to set it bootable again is in that thread too. Doesn’t help you much as the failover mechanism is not working in the current release.

I’ve updated the current status in Rootfs A/B redundancy fail-over mechanism in Jetpack5.1 - #10 by KevinFFF

This issue would be fixed in the next release.

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