Rootfs_ab feature on jetpack 5.0.2

Hi nvidia,
Does jetpack 5.0.2 support rootfs ab feature?
We try to enable it but looks device couldn’t boot to O.S

Many Thanks

hello user8967,

please refer to r35.1 developer guide, Root File System Redundancy. Rootfs update and customization is not supported in current release.
you may still have your own implementation, please see-also Topic 224162 in order to update the RootFS info variable.

Hi Nvidia, rootfs_ab is an important feature for us, is there have any chance NVIDIA will release hotfix patch to enable this feature?

I’d have expected a hotfix too. It’s such a big oversight to not add a feature like this, as it is required for a stable production release.

As I’ve understood Nvidias previous comments they will not release any update until late this year/early next year.

hello user8967,

there’s no patches. we’ve plan to create separated UEFI variables for rootfs A/B.

Hi Jerry,
May I know the release date about separated UEFI related approach?

as @seeky15 mentioned, you may expect it’ll be end of 2022 or early 2023.

Hey @JerryChang

how will that differ from the current RootfsInfo-781e084c-a330-417c-b678-38e696380cb9?
Currently we have to write a bunch of binary values. Will it just be like “cat 0 > ufefi variable” and “cat 1 > uefi variable” afterwards?

honestly, I don’t know I am not involved with UEFI implementation.

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