Rootfs from SATA SSD on Xavier NX System


We are using our custom board.
Previously, we already set the rootfs on sata SSD from our system with JP4.6.1.
It is working well.
console_log_jetpack_4.6.1_sda1.txt (40.5 KB)

Now, we are installing JP5.0.2 on same system.
Installation process are same with before.
There is no issue while installation.
But booting is failed.
console_log.txt (66.7 KB)

How I can resolve it?

Please check if this SATA drive could be enumerated when you boot fomr emmc.

If it is not there, then of course you are not able to mount rootfs from it.

It’s enumerated.
Because we’ve formatted and flashed SATA SSD on our system when it booted on eMMC.

We did as follows:

  1. Boot from eMMC
  2. Format SSD on Disks
  3. Mount SSD
  4. root path has modifed in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf (mmcblk0p1 => sda1)
  5. Flash SSD : $ sudo rsync -axHAWX --numeric-ids --info=progress2 --exclude=/proc / /mnt
  6. Umount SSD
  7. Reboot

It works on JP4.6.1, but it doesn’t works on JP5.0.2.
I’m worrying the difference for bootloader.


Could you show me the dmesg on jp5.0.2 where you said the SSD is getting enumerated?

Please, check it
jetpack_5.0.2_emmc_dmesg.txt (71.1 KB)


So is this a pcie -sata converter usecase?

Have you tested and check what is the exact step that would cause the device missing?

Yes, we are using pcie-sata bridge.
I already wrote the flash process at the above.
There is no issue while it is formatting and flashing.

Just it can’t find the sda1 while boot after flashing.
You can see the first log (console_log.txt).
there is a message “ERROR: sda1 not found”


Under the situation that you are able to see sda1, if you change the extlinux.conf on emmc and reboot, will it able to read it?

It looks what we did.
We’ve got the problem with that situation

So it is just like last second you are still able to mount sda1 but once you change “only” extlinux.conf on emmc, then next reboot cannot find sda1 anymore, is that what you are talking about?

Yes, you are right.
We used same process on JP4.6.2 over last 6 months. It was working correctly.
But it doesn’t work on JP5.0.2 as like what are we talk.

please try to build the ahci driver into image instead of kernel modules. This could be the reason.

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