rootfsAB and test kernel/dtb

There two conversations. Maybe you don’t consider them bugs:

  1. If there is a data nvme disk without OS files or /boot, the emmc will boot but the /boot on the emmc will be ignored. See attached boot.1.txt. Bootloader attempted to find extlinux.conf from nvme but there is none, so it moves on to boot the kernel partitions from emmc. Even though boot order says nvme, emmc, it never moves on to the extlinux on the emmc.
    boot.1.txt (31.6 KB)
  1. I pulled out the nvme drive, now the extlinux.conf on the emmc is being read, but there is an compatibility issue. Now it is mandated to have an APPEND line to define root device or else boot will HALT.

HI @user100090 ,

As our previous comment, we need you to switch the boot order in cbo.

Your log indicates you didn’t successfully update that or you didn’t update it at all, which we don’t know.

The key problem is just this one. There is no other “bug” so we don’t have any fix here.
Please try your cbo update again and share us the log and the steps you are using to update cbo.dtb.

Also, when you see " This topic will close 14 days after the last reply." in the forum, just file a new topic. Otherwise, we actually won’t get informed by any of this kind of topic.

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