ROS bridge for ground truth data

Is there a ROS bridge component already for ground truth data, like semantic/instance segmentation masks? Similar to how RGB and depth data get published by adding a RosBridgeSchema.RosCamera, it would be great to have the same functionality for at least the segmentation masks, and ideally all the ground truth data including bounding boxes. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about polling the ground truth data at all in my code, I would just have to add the ground truth RosBridgeSchema component at the beginning and have all my data in ROS. Does this already exist? If not I think it would be a nice addition.

It appears there is at least an API for most of this (though it’s not clear to me that both instance and semantic segmentation are included here). However, it seems the only ones that currently work are RGB, depth, camera info, frame ID, and queue size. I tried enabling the others and, though no errors get thrown, the topics are not visible in rostopic list.