[ROS] Can I publish robot_description directly in IsaacSim?

Hi, I want to filter the robot motion from the published point cloud in Isaacsim.

Here is my setup.

Peek 2023-10-08 23-00

And I have attached the ActionGraph from the main.py code.
basically, /OmniIsaacRosBridge node publishes three topics, pointcloud2, tf_camera, and tf_every_robot_joint.

PointCloud filter
I want to use robot_body_filter, a ROS package that filters the robot and its shadow from the raw point cloud.


    <node name="laser_filter" pkg="sensor_filters" type="pointcloud2_filter_chain">
        <rosparam command="load" file="$(dirname)/my_pcd_filter_config.yaml" />
        <remap from="~input" to="/Isaac/Depth_pcl" />
        <remap from="~output" to="/Isaac/Depth_pcl_filtered_bong" />


-   name: body_filter
    type: robot_body_filter/RobotBodyFilterPointCloud2
        frames/filtering: 'panda_link0'
        frames/output: 'Isaac_camera'
        sensor/min_distance: 0.05
        sensor/max_distance: 50.0
        body_model/inflation/scale: 1.1
        body_model/inflation/padding: 0.02
        filter/do_shadow_test: False

I realized that RobotBodyFilter requires robot_description to compute the kinematics of the urdf_collision_mesh to filter processing.

$ roslaunch --screen robot_body_filter my_pcd_filter.launch

[ERROR] [1696769520.026045719]: RobotBodyFilter: robot_description is empty or not set. Please, provide the robot model. Waiting 1s.

But I have no idea how to publish robot_description directly from IsaacSim, which uses USD, not urdf file.

I would appreciate it if you could give me any advice. Thanks!
+This is a testbed for the real-world setup, so pcd segmentation is unfeasible.


Publishing the robot_description from IsaacSim is currently not supported at the moment. We will look into implementing this in a future release.

In the meantime you could try creating your own custom Python node to publish the robot description.