ROS communication between containers + webpages are missing

Hi, I have installed

and run the example, everything is run out of a docker container using the nvidia docker runtime.

I now want to run the example:

but there are two problems.

  1. The instruction for installing issac sim is missing:

  1. It’s not clear if I install issac sim in the container the visual slam system is running in or its own container or on the desktop.

  2. If I run issac sim on the desktop or its own container, how do I pass ROS messages between the Visual Slam container and the Issac Sim simulator?

  3. If instead I am supposed to install issac sim in the visual slam container, how do I do that?

  4. In general it’s important to figure out how to pass ROS messages between and outside the docker containers, how do I do that?

i am just another user, but if you don’t mind me asking, from which page were these links found (i am putting together a google doc with broken links)? and to add, the doc team seems to have overhauled the official doc for Isaac Sim, so not sure if these were from a place where redirects haven’t been set up yet.

Hi @lowellm - all Isaac ROS related docs moved to this new platform. Please take a look: Tutorial for AprilTag Detection with Isaac Sim — isaac_ros_docs documentation