ROS CompressedImage from camera

I want to record a rosbag with output from Isaac sim camera. Unfortunately, ROS_camera in Isaac sim provides only raw output. Is it possible to publish a compressed image?

PS: I found this addon, but if I want to display an image in rViz, riz crash.

Hi @email5

As for the external extension, I have the ROS CompressedImage message marked as deprecated and to be removed in future versions of the extension. In fact, it is not even in the ROS2 version. But if it’s of interest I can take a look at the problem with rviz…

In the meantime, you can always get the images from a viewport and publish them yourself 😅

I don’t know if the Isaac Sim team will include it in future releases… @ltorabi @Hammad_M

Ah, Thank you for your answer. What is the best option to record a rosbag containing images from a camera? Because now 10 seconds of simulation time is in gigabytes. (2.5Mpx images from camera)


I think to reduce the size of the rosbag file the following points must be considered: