ROS Navigation sending goals programatically

When I am sending goals programmatically in ROS navigation.
Doing so I cannot see the goals in carter hierarchy.
Can anyone pls help me and tell me where I can see the goals that are send in goals.txt file in Isaac Sim ROS navigation

Hi @arjun.mangal -

In the Isaac Sim ROS navigation setup, the goals that are sent programmatically are not directly visible in the Carter hierarchy in the Isaac Sim interface. The goals are sent to the ROS navigation stack, which then guides the robot to the specified locations.

However, you can visualize the goals and the robot’s path in RViz, a visualization tool for ROS. When you run the ROS navigation stack, it publishes information about the robot’s current position, the goal positions, and the planned path to reach the goals. You can display this information in RViz by subscribing to the appropriate topics.

can you tell me the topics which i need to run to see the carter’s current position

Did you review the document that I provided earlier? were you not able to find the information?

in the doc there is only about how to change the goals of the carter. when launching that command the goal is changed…but i want to know the topic name which shows me the location coordinates of the carter robot in RViz, as isaac sim interface does not provide this functionality.

The topic i am right now running is :

roslaunch isaac_ros_navigation_goal isaac_ros_navigation_goal.launch