ROS navigation:

When conducting ROS navigation, how to set the direction of odometry, whether it is set by the urdf model or other settings, I hope someone can help me answer it, thank you very much! !

Are you looking to setup the initial location of the robot ?

Hi @fmy553 - I think this document will be useful to you for ROS Navigation. Let us know if you have any particular question from it.

yes,Because the direction of the car in Rviz is wrong when I am navigating. @eds17m007

~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.0 This is the path of Isaac Sim , if you do "ls"in this path , you can see the ros_workspace and ros2_workspace.

if you are using ros2_workspace then in carter_navigation package inside ros2_workspace , then carter_navigation_params.yaml file is there where params
set_initial_pose: True
initial_pose: {x: -6.0, y: -1.0, z: 0.0, yaw: 3.14159}
you can change this to setup the initial location and orientation of the robot.

for ros_workspace the things are also same ,
carter_2d nav package under navigation , in carter_navigation.launch file you can set the initial pose for amcl to set the initial location.

<param name="/amcl/initial_pose_x"  value="8.0"/>
<param name="/amcl/initial_pose_y"  value="-2.0"/>
<param name="/amcl/initial_pose_a"  value="3.14"/>