ROS Navigation

I want to run ROS navigation inside a building which is my own environment. I want my carter robot to traverse on the 11th floor of the building. Currently, my carter robot is instantly moving to origin in play mode. Please guide me for the same. I am using ROS2 humble, Ubuntu 22.04, Isaac Sim 2023 hotfix.1

Ros navigation to work in our env –

  1. Env should be on 0,0,0 – top floor cannot be at 0,0,0
  2. Carter cannot be imported on 0,0,0

Please help.

What error are you seeing? Is the issue that the robot is falling to the ground? Nav2 is 2D navigation so the floor/height shouldn’t matter. Would setting the ground plane to the 11 floor work for you (or creating another ground plane and hiding it visually)?

As soon as i click on play button its automatically going to the origin, or to its original position.