Ros noetic jetson-containers connect with visual studio and enviroment

hi @dusty_nv i try to install ros noetic to my jetson nano via jetson containers but i follow everything from github but i dont know how to made my enviroment and how to connect it with visual studio.i am new on this…can you help me with that

Hi @tasosmanolidis, I’m unfamiliar with using Visual Studio with Jetson or what you mean by “connect to it” - perhaps there are other posts or threads here on the forums that you find relevant for that. Have you been able to start the container? What I would do, it start by mounting a directory from your device into the container - then you can make your ROS workspace there, edit it, ect.

Hi yes I am able to start it but I don’t know how to made my environment and connect it with ros because stay inside in the root my thinking is to snare my environment in my home directory so I can connect it with visual studio and add my nodes from there .

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