ROS on TX2?

My team has been using ROS on the Jetson TK1.

I have not been able to find any info on whether we could run ROS on the TX1 or TX2.

Has anyone tried it?

It works fine on TX1. TX2 I guess will be OK but I hadn’t tried.

I tried it this weekend and it didn’t install cleanly - has anyone had any success? If not, I’ll be wrestling with it this week and will try to post updates.

Belay that - it installed cleanly after flashing the latest Jetpack. I’m new to the ecosystem and didn’t realize that the factory image was different from the Jetpack version. It looks like it is working well. Sorry for the false alarm.



We have been running ROS on the TX2 with a lot of success. Make sure you are using the Kinetic and set up your keys correctly. If you have any issues take a look at the TX2 or ROS forums.