ROS vs Driveworks

I am new to Nvidia Drive, Please tell me the major differences between ROS vs Driveworks framework, and how sensor data/important data is shared between different modules in Drive framework? ( like topics/services/actions are there in ROS - uses TCP/IP or shared memory- smart pointers).

Hi @medikonda.ashok,

Please check the DriveWorks documentation at /usr/local/driveworks-2.2/doc/nvsdk_html/index.html on your host system (after DRIVE Software installed). The source code of the sample applications mentioned there are also available in /usr/local/driveworks-2.2/samples. Thanks!

Hi VickNV,

Thanks for your reply. I have gone through some documentation and my concern is, in AV computing platforms ,different process/algorithms will be running parallelly. I have seen people using ROS/ROS2 framework to develop algorithms as C++/Python modules and sensor data/necessary data b/w modules is shared via publish/subscribe mechanism from/to each ros node(topics/services/actions). Is there any similar features or APIs available in Nvidia Driveworks?

Currently DriveWorks does not officially support ROS but will have ROS like messaging framework in the future. Some developer community has published ROS-DriveWorks interop, e.g. FYI.