ROS2 Humble

Is it possible to install ros2 humble on the Jetson Orin AGX Devkit natively (without containers)?
I tried with source build that compatible to Ubuntu 20.04, but it’s always fail when I colcon build.
Jetpack version: 5.1.1

You may check the pages:
NVIDIA Isaac ROS · GitHub
.github/ at main · NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/.github · GitHub

And see if there is existing solution for your use-case.

@haimhadad in theory yes this should be possible to build Humble from source for 20.04 outside of container (following a similar procedure to what is done to build the container, like in Dockerfile.ros.humble. In practice however, you may be better served by just using Docker to contain the build environment, avoid so many errors, and be able to distribute your project/installation to other devices (outside of container, you would need to rebuild it again on each 20.04 machine)

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