ROS2 image publishing takes a long time on Orin NX 16

I currently have an ROS2 camera info manager node running to publish images. The images are 1024*1280 RGB image. Publishing each image takes everywhere between 0.7 to 2 seconds. The exact same code running on Orin Dev Kit emulate as NX16 takes less then 10 milliseconds to publish the image.

Orin NX 16GB with Connect tech BOSON carrier.
ROS2: Foxy
L4T: R35 (release), REVISION 2.1

Sorry for the late response.
Have you set to max performance on yourOrin NX device?
You may refer to Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation ( to confirm it first.

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