ROS2 Multi-robot sending goals programmatically

I’m trying to use the ‘ros2 action’ to each robot’s pose for multi-robot navigation.
In below link (5.5 Sending Goals Programmatically), They said that we can use the package ‘isaac_ros_navigation_goal’ ros2 package for sending goals. So i followed that page, i could succeed in the warehouse scene with a single robot.

But I want to assign the different goals(pose) to multi-robot using that package. So, I’m trying to use that pkg in ‘Multi-robot hospital scene’, but i couldn’t.
I changed the map.yaml file in ‘’.
And i checked { ros2 action list -t } and i could get below result.
Something wrong …

So i want to ask :

  • How should i do if i want to use the package(‘isaac_ros_navigation_goal’) and use ros2 action for multi-robot?
  • I want to assign the different goals to robots using ros2 action.

If there’s anyone who knows, help me please…!
Thank you so much!! :)

Hello @phr0201, could you try to follow the instructions listed over here.