ROS2 with OAK-D Pro

Hi folks,
does anyone know whether I can reproduce following short procedure with OAK-D Pro stereo camera?
I would like to use OAK-D camera with ROS2 on Jetson Orin Nano. Which additional packages shall I install and how to proceed with some easy get started examples?

Please check Isaac ROS Developer Preview 3.1 Released - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Orin Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

It seems that Jetsons have drivers for " Leopard Imaging Hawk 3D Depth Camera" and " RealSense" cameras only. See following page: .github/profile/ at main · NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/.github · GitHub .Is there a way to make it work with OAK-D Pro cameras?

I don’t have answer, you may contact with camera vendor to know if they have driver to support it on Jetson platform.

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