Rosjet IMU module

The Rosjet code (in the teaching kit) has the IMU but only a few lines addressing it in the Arduino Mega and no place is the code publishing any ROS topic on the IMU. Is this code module perhaps not complete? Otherwise it seems to be an excellent job of programming, as far as I can tell.

Hi Russ76, it appears the IMU interfacing is performed but not published to ROS, we are checking on it to confirm further.

Thanks, Dusty. It will be good to get this module working.

It is the GY-521 MPU-6050 IMU.

We worked briefly with the IMU, but in the end it was not required for any of the labs so we never completed the integration of the IMU with ROS.  It should be a fairly straightforward process to just publish the IMU data to a ROS topic and could be an interesting addition to several of the labs.

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