Rotary Encoder - GPIO interrupts failing to fire

I know this topic is over a year old but, I was researching information to possibly read a LPD3806-360BM encoder with the Jetson Nano. Thought I would give it a try and see what my results were. Following along “bsmerbeck’s” outline, I downloaded/setup the gaugette.git file. I went to the file to modify.
If I’m reading the information regarding the trigger() calls it should read – self.gpio.add_event_detect(self.[a_pin/b_pin], self.gpio.BOTH, callback=isr). However when I run the program, I get “invalid syntax” message pointing to [a_pin/b_pin]. Am I miss-reading that modification or leaving something out?
I’ve been using this encoder with a Raspberry Pi and wanted to try it with the Nano.
Thanks for the help.

Hi briansandy37,

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