round(float, precision) What is the GPU equivalent??

What is the equivalent of the “round(floatNumber, precision)” function in the GPU?

The MSDN documentation of this CPU based function can be found @

I could NOT find a GPU equivalent in the programming guide.

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i can’t open the provided link (a strange protocol that is ;-))

however, if this round is something like round(1.23456789,2)=1.23, you could use the following standard functions: round(floatNumber*(10^precision))(10^-precision). i’m assuming, precision is static, so the example would be something like round(1.23456789100.)*0.01.

I hope you tried to open it in MSDN. IE will not work.

Your understanding of round is right. But round has some more intricacies especially when the rounding is based on an adjacent precision value of “5”.

But I think otherwise, your formula really looks coooooool. Thanks.