Rounded corners 3D geometry

in the geometry module, i see examples (Ahmed body) with chamfered or rounded edges to rectangle. But i dont see any examples as to how one could do that with CSG. Are there some examples that I could see to get an idea of how to do this?

Hi @k.narayanan

Geometry with such features can become increasingly difficult to implement in our CSG model which currently only supports a handful (but the essential) primitives. One could for example achieve rounded corners using cubes and cylinders, or beveled corned by subtracting an angle cube from another’s corner. So its possible with CSG ops, see this chapter in the user-guide for some more info. Python files are on the public Gitlab examples repo. Also some of the heatsink problems have some geometry set up which may have info that useful.

But for really complex geometries, we typically don’t recommend the CSG module because of the set up cost right now.

Instead suggest users to use our STL support with PySDF for these complex geometries. Most 3D files can be converted into STLs, then imported into Modulus for sampling which we have an example for in the userguide.

We are actively working on improving support for geometries such as Ahmed body, so there are better features in the pipeline for the next few releases.