Route/switch inputs coming to one Ethernet port, to send out on the other Ethernet port

What is the possibility that the operating system in the Jetson Nano L4T32.4.3 will be able to route/switch inputs coming to one Ethernet port, to send out on the other Ethernet port?

Our Customer has an embedded system where there is presently an onboard Gigabit switch which they would like to replace with Jetson Nano with carrier card. One other piece of hardware in the box needs to send UDP packets to a central server, and the Nano board would also communicate with that server, so they would like to have UDP forwarding via the Nano board.

The individual pieces of hardware would have persistent IP addresses, so DHCP is not an issue here (if that helps).

How could this be done by our existing operating system (Nano L4T32.4.3), or, would they have to create custom drivers/daemons in Linux talking to the various ports to create it ourselves like any ubuntu 18.04 OS?

This is standard for a Jetson running Ubuntu…meaning you could look up docs on “forwarding” for any Ubuntu 18.04 and it would apply to the Jetson running Ubuntu 18.04. I tend to use something simple like “nm-connection-editor” to set this up (if you don’t have this, then install with “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”). There are also other standard Ubuntu tools for setting this up, so that tool is just one I like.

There is also a related topic, that of “bridging”. In your case you probably don’t want bridging. Bridging takes two NICs using the same subnet and simply copies data from one interface to the other and is more or less invisible to the devices on the network. No IP address forwarding occurs. One reason to use a bridge is for firewall and intrusion detection purposes where you don’t want to interfere with the actual original network equipment.

If the above does not cover this, then you might add more information on your particular use-case.

Hi Thanks, even I have suggested them to look on the possibility for Ubuntu 18.04 as Nano runs on Ubuntu 18.04

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