Rower on jetson nano

Hi. I have a jetson nano developer kit. The problem is now is quarantine…his power supply is at my parents house 230 km away…i have another one but it has got micro usb ant 5v 3a. Can i use it ?
If i use it…are any chances to break my nano ?

There is a jumper for using the barrel connector versus the micro-B USB port. Any 5v USB power should work if the jumper is correct, and no harm would occur either way. The real problem is that sometimes the supply has to have better regulation than the average USB device. If regulation fails to be adequate, then either the device won’t start, or else it can shut down under load. It’s worth trying.

What @linuxdev said, but you may need to reset the power mode if it’s not already in 5w mode, otherwise the board might shut down or reboot if you try to use too much power.

 $ sudo nvpmodel -m 1

…will set 5w mode. -m 0 will go back to 10w mode, and -q will query the mode. The change persists across reboots so there is no need to set it each startup.