RPM packages fail to conform to fedora packaging guidelines

Installing nvidia drivers and cuda libraries from the official nvidia repository regularly causes issues due to the failure to follow Fedora packaging guidelines.

The most recent example is the recent name changes of many RedHat 7 packages for the 418.87.00-2 release; along with the usage of the Obsoletes tags. Because of this change, I’m no longer able to install a prior release of the nvidia-drivers package by specifying the version in my yum install command, as the package is now Obsoleted by the new nvidia-driver-latest-dkms package.

The following is a snippet of the output I get from yum when running the command:

yum install nvidia-driver-418.67
Package nvidia-driver is obsoleted by nvidia-driver-latest-dkms, trying to install 3:nvidia-driver-latest-dkms-418.87.00-2.el7.x86_64 instead