RSA, MD5 and DES in CUDA

Hello everyone. I’m looking for this algorithm’s RSA, MD5 and DES write in CUDA C.
On the web there is only how to crack, break those algorithm’s.
I’m beginner in this type of programming so I need help.
I need this algorithm’s to finish my engineering work.

Please Help!

I did a quick Google and found a number of articles on these algorithms implemented using CUDA.

So You can add links to this algorithms on this topic.
That will be very helpfully

I have found MD5, but RSA and DES still left to search.

Relevant papers can easily be found using search engines like Google Scholar, CiteSeer, etc. Here is a short list of recent papers. Please note that I haven’t read any of them.


Guang Hu, Jianhua Ma, Benxiong Huang
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Changxin Li, Hongwei Wu, Shifeng Chen, Xiaochao Li, Donghui Guo
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Giovanni Agosta, Alessandro Barenghi, Fabrizio De Santis, Gerardo Pelosi
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Owen Harrison and John Waldron
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Robert Szerwinski and Tim Güneysu
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Thanks It might by very helpfully :):):)

i also want cuda coda for rsa