RShim is failing to enable INTx and won't attach to Bluefield 2 DPU

I am getting an error stating that RShim is failing to enable INTx interrupts on the bluefield 2 device and so it won’t attach. I am looking for a way to fix this

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This could be happening if power or airflow requirements are not being met.
Please review the following link for power requirements for the Bluefield-2 DPU:

Please do also note that this device is not intended for use in a desktop/tower system. These systems typically cannot meet the airflow requirements for this device. The device requires sufficient airflow to operate, or the chips will shut down (and possibly become damaged). Please do reach out to your sales representative for further details on airflow requirements.

Here is a partial list of systems in which Bluefield-2 DPUs have been tested and validated:

Again, please do reach out to your sales representative if you have questions regarding compatibility with other systems.


And you are still unable to get the device to function as expected, we recommend creating a support case with our Enterprise Support team so we can assist you further.

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