Rstp url with '@' in their password while using nvurisrcbin

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nvurisrcbin cannot stream an RTSP URL when the password contains ‘@’. I implemented a workaround, but it appears to be a somewhat crude solution. Is there a more sophisticated approach to address this issue?\

username = 'username'
password = 'p@ssword'

    def decodebin_child_added(child_proxy, Object, name, user_data):
        global username, password
        if name == 'src':
            Object.set_property('user-id', username)
            Object.set_property('user-pw',  password)

        if (name.find("decodebin") != -1):
            Object.connect("child-added", self.decodebin_child_added, user_data)
        if (name.find("nvv4l2decoder") != -1):
            if (is_aarch64()):
                Object.set_property("enable-max-performance", True)
                Object.set_property("drop-frame-interval", 0)
                Object.set_property("num-extra-surfaces", 0)
                Object.set_property("gpu_id", self.gpu_id)
                # Object.set_property("drop-frame-interval", 20)
        if "source" in name:
            source_element = child_proxy.get_by_name("source")
            if source_element.find_property("drop-on-latency") != None:
                Object.set_property("drop-on-latency", True)

You can use %40 instead of the @

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Could you tell us how to build a rtsp stream with username and password?

this is the rtsp stream` rtsp://admin:ad@min@’

this worked for me

’ rtsp://admin:ad%40min@’

Thank You

%40%40 didn’t work for @@ in password

this works for me, but does nvurisrcbin creates a childpad ‘src’ for all kinds of rtsp streams?

Actually, the nvurisrcbin uses urideocdebin internally. The behavior related to the source is consistent with urideocdebin.