Rstudio Server on nano

Hello… I’m a new user. I’m wondering if anyone has tried to run rstudio on the jetson nano? I tried to run a docker image (no luck) and then a local build for arm64 (again… no luck). If anyone has been successful at running rstudio some direction would be greatly appreciated.


This is not an answer…Although I’ve been able to run some R packages (r-base, r-base-dev and some CRAN packages) on a TX2, I don’t think that Nano is a right target for RStudio. If other users have better experience, please share.

First, Nano has not so much RAM, so you would soon face memory outage and need to add swap with poor performance depending on your data sets and processing with R.

RStudio on its side may require jdk, and may not expect any jdk version.

However some users reported success in building/running old versions on arm, but seen nothing recent for arm64…

Thanks for sharing if you move forward on this.