RSVD Pins in Jetson TX1. Avaliable?

I wanted to check if I can use some of the funcitonalities that I have seen in the schematic of the new Jetson TX1.
In the design guide (“JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide-1000010-16.pdf”) there are some pins that appear like reserved, and specified as “Not Used”. However in the datasheet of the evaluation board some of this pins are used with some functionalities (“P2597_B02_Concept_schematics.pdf”). For example, the pins E17, D18, D19 and E18 appear like a CAN transceiver in the schematic but it doesn’t in the Design Guide (appear as reserved).
I’m developing a carrier board and I want to know if I can use this signals for a CAN transceiver or by contrary they have not real functionality.
The same occurs with the CAM_VSYNC that appears in the E8 pin.

Could you help me with this issues?



The reserved pins (CANbus, VSYNC, ect.) are not available on today’s TX1 module and are reserved for potential future use. Please leave them as not connected / no-connect in your designs today.

Thanks a lot.
Regarding the vsync signal, I would need to syncronize two cameras for stereo vision. Could you suggest me some way of selecting the right output for syncronization?

Could you please help me with this?

Until future availability of HW sync signal, the synchronization would be implemented through software with the CSI_#_CLK and MIPI CSI packet headers. I recommend checking out the CSI registers in the TX1 TRM ( and reviewing the camera drivers included in L4T (see Video for Linux User Guide within for the kernel src locations)

All the marked RSVD pin in TX1 module–some of them could be used on TX2 module, is my understanding correct?

Further question–for those RSVD pins that both Tx1 and Tx2 did not use–is that mean these pins are internally not connected to ICs? I am asking such a question is because we may need design a carrier board that can host either Tx1/Tx2 or other chipset–so need know if there are some "un used pin location can be used for the compatible design.

Please check Table 4. Jetson TX2 Connector (8x50) Pin Out Matrix in OEM DG. Those RSVD pins can not be used. Some are connected to chipset, some are not.

I want to use IR camera and IMX185 to fusion image,so i need sync signal ensure that they collect data synchronously.Could you tell me some way how to achieve it.