rsync command not found, error code 127

I am following:

My host machine and Jetson Tx2 are connected via ethernet to the router. I have generated and ssh key and copied the id of the Tx2 using “ssh-copy-id mechaspin@” (ip address from jetson eth0).

Then the attempt to deploy the stereo dummy package (step 3) to the Tx2 is done via

“/home/jake/isaac/./engine/build/ --remote_user mechaspin -p //apps/samples/stereo_dummy:stereo_dummy-pkg -d jetpack42 -h”

This does a lot of compiling of packages until after a few minutes, the error described in the title is given. I know I have rsync installed. Are there any steps missed to deploy to the Jetson? I am running isaacSDK_19.2, Jetson SDK manager when I flashed the OS to the Tx2 (no errors here), and bazel 19.2. When running bazel build in the isaac repo, there were not any issues here as well. I also know I can log into the Jetson. This has been done successful using “ssh mechaspin@”.

uninstalling rsync and reinstalling seemed to fix the issue.