RT patches for rel-28.3.1

I’m trying to update our system from rel-28.2 to rel-28.3.1. However we need a system with full preemption and from what I can see, the rt-patches folder in the kernel-4.4 directory is not updated along with the kernel, and still contains patches for rel-28.2 only?

Also, rel-28.3.1 seems to build on Linux-4.4.159, for which there isn’t a release of the rt-patches (there exists a patch for 157 and 162). I guess I could try manually applying the remaining patches from 159 to 162, then using the 162 rt-patch, but if possible I’d really prefer not to go down that route…

Is there an officially supported way of getting rel-28.2 working with preempt-rt? Did I just look in the wrong place?

Thanks in advance for any hints!

Why no update to the r32.x to developer you system?

Hi Shane,

We have an out-of-tree driver which is only available for kernel 4.4, and would at this point also like to not have to fully retest and verify a new kernel (r32 is based on 4.9, if I recall correctly?) on our system - that’s why the 28.3.1 release is much more interesting to us. We need the rt-patches though…

Any problem to apply all the patches?

try apply all of them by below command.

for i in rt-patches/*.patch; do patch -p1 < $i; done

Hi Shane,

That’s what I’ve been trying - the patches don’t apply cleanly though, and looking at the rt-patches folder, the contents haven’t changed since January 2018? The last commit mentioning updating the patch set is commit 7a52db9af3c6, “RT: Update to PREEMPT_RT 4.4.38-rt49”, which is what rel-28.2 is based on.

Just confirm with internal developer RT patches are not supported for K4.4 on r28 later release anymore.
You may use r28.2 or update to r32.x