RTC battery and power consumption in Jetson Orin Nano


We are designing a board that will use the Orin Nano. I have two questions regarding the RTC circuit:

  1. What is the expected current consumption of the RTC in the Orin Nano?
  2. The Orin documentation says that a supercapacitor cannot be used because the PMIC_BBAT pin does not provide charging. However, are there any issues with using a supercapacitor if we include an external charging circuit (using a low-leakage diode)?

Thank you!


  1. It is 12 to 50μA [updated per new data sheet].
  2. Seems OK, the request is to maintain the supply voltage level of capacitor in the range.

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Update per latest datasheet: Power consumption on battery backup operation is 12 to 50μA.