_rtContextCompile Validation error Inconsistent scope lookups in PTX code (Program attached to diffe

Hi there,
I’m really new to Optix and I’ve been facing some problems by calling rtContextCompile.
My implementation passes the call to rtContextValidate but produces an error by calling rtContextCompile:
“Invalid context (Details: Function “_rtContextCompile” caught exception: Validation error: Inconsistent scope lookups in PTX code (Program attached to different object types), [10486106])”

I really do not know how to interpret this error message and have not find any information about this on the web so fare. Has this something to do with the RTvariables which could be set wrong in the host code by rtVariableSet… or rtVariableSetObject? Or could it be something with the assigned programs in the host code?

What I’m trying to accomplish is to map some triangle meshes out of an OpenSceneGraph scenegraph to Optix.
The ModelLoader.cpp from the sutil project in the Optix-Samples guided me a way almost through this and I am using the simplest normal shader from the tutorial0.cu in the tutorial project of Optix for visualization.