Many thanks for an extremely useful function. Is there any list we can get of possible tags and messages? Are these likely to change often?

For example, I’d like to parse things like detection of recompile for updating stats. The ascii tag, and message make all this very fast and easy. I’m just wondering if there is a predefined list you can publish.

Thanks again.

There is not a set list of tags. The list has the potential to change in the future but we try to keep it consistent for the most part. We did not want to be tied to an implicit logging API – this is why the documentation mentions that the log stream is unstructured text. It was intended to be used as a debugging or verbose-feedback mode – read by human eyes.

All of that said, we have been receiving several requests like yours for the usage report stream to be parsable. I will bring this issue up again with the optix dev team and see what everyone thinks.


A second api, a callback that receives stats would be helpful. For us, when compiles occur, timings, and timings for accel structure rebuilds are most important.