RTCore Throughput

Howdy NVIDIAcs !

In the NSight Graphics user guide I see this

Per section labeled with yellow 4… how do I get the RTCORE Throughput (Pro)?
I’m using GeForce RTX 4090


more infos…

I’ve tried all the GPU Trace metric set options,
and I’m running the NVIDIA Ray Trace Advanced example code


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I am sorry you ran into this issue. Unfortunately, to get the RTCORE Throughput (Pro) metric requires you to be running with the Pro version of Nsight Graphics. In order to get the Pro version of Nsight Graphics your company would need to have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement with Nvidia. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


OK we may be willing to do this.
Please provide appropriate NVIDIA POC to follow up to obtain Pro version information/access.

Colin Reinhardt
Affiliate Asst Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept
University of Washington, Seattle

Is there a way we can make contact via email in secure non-public manner, if appropriate?
Feel free to contact me via my registered account email.

Vr, Colin

Sure. You can contact me at dwoods@nvidia.com. I’m heading out of the office so likely will not reply until early next week.

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