RTL8125 can not run with 2.5Gbits/s in Xavier-NX, but run with 2.5Gbits/s in AGX-Orin

I use NVIDIA Jetson Linux 34.1.1 packages, and I test rtl8125 which supports 2.5G network with PCIe interface, RTL8125-driver, and the result is shown in the picture.

Moving this to the correct category (Jetson Xavier NX).

Can you try with maximize system performance on Xavier by NVPModel setting? See NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Clock Frequency and Power Management | NVIDIA Docs

@kayccc Yes, I try “jtop” to test different models,there is no effect.

Does that pcie card work in 2.5Gb/s when it uses rel-32.x?

@WayneWWW No, r32.7.1 just 1.2G~1.35Gb/s, it works more slowly than r34.1.

Is the test on NX devkit?

@kayccc yes