rtl88x2BU wifi USB adapter (0bda:b812)

Recently I bought a USB Wifi adapter that is Realtek based (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07FCN6WGX/), and thought of sharing the steps of installing the driver on Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

  1. Make sure the product ID is b812
lsusb -v -d 0bda:b812
  1. If you have not installed git and dkms, you need to install them
sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms git
  1. Clone the driver repository
git clone https://github.com/cilynx/rtl88x2BU_WiFi_linux_v5.3.1_27678.20180430_COEX20180427-5959.git
  1. follow the steps in https://github.com/cilynx/rtl88x2BU_WiFi_linux_v5.3.1_27678.20180430_COEX20180427-5959/blob/master/README.md#dkms-installation

  2. You can verify the installation with dkms status. It should show you

rtl88x2bu, 5.3.1, 4.9.140-tegra, aarch64: installed

Thanks for your kind share ~!