RTNETLINK ANSWERS : Network is unreachable

Since one month, I am trying to use jetson tx1. I installed jetpack 2.2.1 64 bit. It given keybord locking. Then I installed jetpack 2.2.1 32 bit. It was ok but I given ‘monitor closing’ in short time.
I want to try again jetpack 2.2.1 32 bit. But I do anything any more.

1- My serial console does not response by pl2303. It gives error in attachment.’ RTNETLINK ANSWERS : Network is unreachable’
(Ago four days, I tried previously. I saw ‘ubuntu gui’ of jetson tx1. Now it does not work).

2- In addtion, I am trying flashing and loading jetpack 2.2.1 on host pc.

It does not determining IP adress.

3- I am writing ‘ping tx1_ip-address’ on host pc . It gives unreachable.

What is problem?

See the update in below link: