Rtp stream from jetson AGX xavier

i have my jetson agx xavier and windows laptop on the same network, and they can ping each other.

i try and start a rtp stream with the following command:
$ detectnet.py /dev/video1 --headless rtp://@laptop-ip:5004

then on my laptop, i get in vlc and open the network stream

i have tried the following configurations

Jetson command . . . | vlc stream
rtp://@laptop-ip:5004 | rtp://@laptop-ip:5004
rtp://@jetson-ip:5004 | rtp://@jetson-ip:5004
rtp://@loopback:5004 | rtp://@jetson-ip:5004
rtp://@laptop-ip:5004 | rtp://@loopback:5004

vlc never connects when trying these and i am unsure of how to use this feature

Currently it is not supported. Please refer to this post:
How to get rtsp streaming ouput in client vlc media player for object detection using detectnet - #2 by dusty_nv

If you would like to run RTSP and use VLC in client, you may try DeepStream SDK.

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