RTS5420 SPI flash data

I requested RTS5420 SPI Flash data from Realtek several times, but I could not receive a reply mail.
★ Question

  1. Is RTS5420 SPI flash necessary for the operation?
  2. Please inform me of any site information of Realtek that can receive Flash data.

Thank you.

I sent an e-mail requesting data through “Contact US” on the Realtek site, but there are no responses from RealTek.
Even if I search RTS5420 on the Realtek site, only the Feature is mentioned and there is no Link or Data about Flash data support.
As for third-party components, I know from NVIDIA’s point of view that developers should directly contact the vendor, However, since I cannot receive Realtek’s Flash data in any way, it would be helpful if NVIDIA could inform me of the relevant site or contact point.

Another question:
The question is whether the board can be operated with a package provided by default in the Linux package without this flash data.

I don’t think we can provide any help here, that only can rely on RealTek to provide the information you want.

★ Simple short Question:

  1. Is the normal operation of RTS5420 possible without SPI Flash data writing?
  • If SPI Flash memory is not used, is it necessary to apply H/W?
  1. Is Flash data available upon request from RealTek?

Thank you

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