RTSP doesn't output with kafka together

i wrote a systemctl script to run my custom deepstream app,
app can be run successfully and kafka works that it can send informations to cloud, but no osd and rtsp output,
but if i run app as normal, osd can show and rtsp output, too, but systemctl will show nothing.
what’s that problem?

thank you very much!

Moving to Deepstream forum as it’s more related with DS SDK.

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

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• TensorRT Version
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jetson nx with jetpack4.6, and deepstream-6.0



Just want to confirm first.
When you run it without systemctl, do you get the Kafka, RTSP, and OSD working together?
Or just RTSP and OSD?

More, when you run the command normally, do you need the root authority?

yes, if without systemctl, i can get kafka, RTSP, and OSD working together.
but can not get RTSP and OSD if with systemctl.
i don’t need the root anthority by run the command normally, and making all files by sudo.
my command normally is this:


pls ignore the problem, and rtsp out with kafka together already after i disable EGL.
this is no effect for my project.


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