Rtsp freeze


When I run a mp4 with loop=-1, it is smooth
However, when I call rtsp, it runs for awhile and the output display freeze and never move anymore.

There was some ghost like image before, and I lower the resolution and mp4 key frame period in the cctv ‘coz I thought it was a network traffics issue, the ghost was eliminated but the screen still freeze after running for couple minutes.
Is there any solution? thx
Note: It seems not the heat issue coz running mp4 is fine.
Note: I use dusty nv posenet inference in my program.
Note: fps is around 10. The funny part is that I have 9 nano running, only 3 has this problem. And if we watch the video on the web, it is smooth.
Note: I think I did use VLC player to check the rtsp and it is smooth too.
The board was hot before, may be the heat damage the board somehow?

For setting RTSP server on Jetson device, there are steps in Jetson Nano FAQ

Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?

Please give it a try and see if it works. You may refer to it for developing your use-case.

Dear DaneLLL,

I have been playing with nano and rtsp for over 2 years. Other projects run ok so far.
It is just the problem of this current project has problem. If the output video is jumpy or lagging, I know it is a network traffic problem. But now, the screen freeze and never recovers. I just wonder if Nvidia has seen it before.
Never mind, I will try to figure it out. Maybe it is the overheat issue inside the box… I will make a new box and try it later.

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