RTSP sources blueprint

Hi, I’m designing a Solution for Video Analytics, and I would like to know if there is some guide about using RTSP sources. I know how to use RTSP sources/streams, but my sources have intermittent cuts, what is the recommended options/way of dealing with faulting streams? is there an option in the deepstream sdk to control this behavior?

Currently I’m using dynamic streams in a pipeline, and when I detect a cut, I just remove the stream from the pipeline and start a new stream, but I suppose there should be a better way of fixing this behavior.


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Does this feature compatible with RFC 2326 spec? rtspsrc (gstreamer.freedesktop.org). Is it a part of the RTSP potocol stack? If it is not. There is no way to handle by the gstreamer plugin itself. You need to handle with your own implementation. DeepStream is a SDK but not an application, you can use DeepStream APIs freely in your application.

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