RTSP url not working for Dahua cameras

Can someone share with me the correct RTSP syntax for Dahua based CCTV cameras?
I am using DS-5.1 test-1 and the below syntax is not working for me.


Also, is the above syntax correct?

Please check this topic:
Supported rtsp cameras - #5 by DaneLLL

Thanks for sharing this above link @DaneLLL
Can you confirm whether this syntax is correct or not for Dahua OEM models?



Please run the command like:

... location="rtsp://admin:admin1234@ channel=1&subtype=1" ...

instead of

... location=rtsp://admin:admin1234@ channel=1&subtype=1 ...

Add " " to contain the URI.

For running sample apps, please try
Python Bindings for DeepStream not working with RTSP stream - #8 by DaneLLL

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