RTX 2080 Ti doesn't work for me on Fedora 30

If both RTX expose the issue, it’s probably not the card. Don’t know if this could be related to Gnome 3.32, maybe run a plain xsession with openbox or the like and see if you can replicate.

OK, I think I’m going to have to shelve this debugging session a while. right now I’m running with only one monitor, but when you’re used to using 3, going down to one is painful. I’ll see if I can get the problem to happen with only one monitor. If not, I’ll probably switch the card back to the pascal architecture GTX 1080 Ti in 3 monitor mode which seemed to be more stable with the old bios. The P2000 seemed to be the most stable with the old bios as well (with three monitors).

I really appreciate your time Generix! At least the bios fix made my system more stable. One thing to note, when I was playing Assassins Creed Odyssey with the old bios, the performance of teh RTX 2080 ti was lacking. I was running in 1440p mode, and I wasn’t getting a smooth play and the gpu usage seemed to be close to 90+%. After the bios upgrade, the GPU usage is now at 70% something and the games plays smoother.
(I have vsync on, frame limit at 60 hz)

so overall, my system is better because of your help. Thanks.

System just hung in single monitor mode… Just swapped out the RTX for the GTX 1080 ti. I need to get regular work done. Let’s see if the system hangs with the 1080 ti… I hope not.

It hug with the XID 61 error.

P.S. I’m looking at a supermicro motherboard replacement…

Is there a way to compile the nvidia driver with some kind of debugging option which will generate more information messages to help debug this problem?

There’s the NVreg_ResmanDebugLevel module option but that doesn’t really help since only Nvidia would know what info to draw from it.
Since you’re getting the same XID with the 1080 now there seems to be some problem with your system. Befor replacing the mainboard, maybe start by removing memory modules and test them on after another.

the idea is to load the NVreg_ResmanDebugLevel module to send feed back to you guys at nvidia to help debug this problem.

I think I may have mispoken regarding the video card switch. I have the GTX 1080 Ti and so far there have been no errors reported. I’ve been using it now for many hours and no glitches. Smooth sailing. there are some times when Firefox starts to slow down. The middle mouse wheel scroll through the the NYTimes or Washington Post web site gets kind of sluggish, and I notice Xorg process kicking up CPU processing. But then after a few minutes, it recovers. No errors are reported in dmesg or journalctl. I’ve had my vmware clients running in full screen mode across 3 4K monitors and again, no errors reported.

It seems the errors are pretty much caused by the RTX 2080 Ti in my gigabyte motherboard.

the motherboard is on a Praxis wetbench. I don’t know if the open’ness of the motherboard setup is an issue.

If there is a web page/howto on loading and enabling the NVreg_ResmanDebugLevel module, and what are the best options to give you guys the best output to see what’s going on, let me know. the next time I install the RTX 2080 Ti I’ll send you better output.

I have the same problem